Nifty Maldives Pvt Ltd is a Maldivian company established in 2019. One of the most dynamic and ambitious local consulting firms, We are your gateway to successful, Lucrative business ventures in the Maldives

We cater to the specialist needs of our partners in many field ,ranging from areas such as real estate, asset brokerage, tourism, business in key Maldivian, mergers, business representation to supply.

Our Services

Our Jewelry Brand outlets- Jewell craft shops are available in tourist resorts like Reethifaru tourist Resort & Fihaalhohi Island Resort. we have world-class mid-range pieces of jewelry available.

Tourism- Nifty Travels Maldives is a travel agency registered under Nifty Maldives Pvt Ltd.

Construction- We have a huge background of construction experience, We do government projects, Private projects with sustainable and fordable price.

Real Estate and Asset Brokerage- We facilitate the purchase and sale of Land, Lagoons, Virgin Islands, and Resort properties in the Maldives. Our real estate services provide full solutions for clients in terms of all activities required to be completed legally and in line with Housing Ministry guidelines.

Our Mission

To bolster our presence on a global platform and revolutionize the trade sectors within the country by leveraging excellent customer service& innovative ideas across the world.

Our Vision

To lead and pioneer Successful cross border ventures, that anticipate & satisfy people needs & desires in Maldives

Our Values

Worth of trust- We lead the way, consistently winning with integrity and authenticity

Embrace change- We love to think outside the box & break conventions, we always surprise customers with our creativity.

Guaranteed success- Unrivalled market knowledge, well connected locally and internationally

Excellence in Quality – At the heart of everything we do and the relationships we foster.

Managing Director

Ali Nifaz Mohamed - is an expert in the field of Telecommunications, Business and tourism sector for. He has more than 15 years of telecommunication experience, with a huge background of tourism Management field, working with senior officials in both private and public sectors to address their most pressing strategic issues. he worked as an independent business.

Bishara Mohamed


Bishara Mohamed -is an entrepreneur and a seasoned business development expert with a special interest in strategic marketing and corporate communication. Specially in retail business of garments, with a strong background of business and telecommunication as well.